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Welcome to the Hill Web. This site is a mixture of family matters and a showcase for my Website Development work. I am Peter Hill, formerly based in Lancashire in the United Kingdom and now in Vuorela near Kuopio in Finland.

I specialise in dynamic website development using PHP and MySQL.



I have been using PHP and MySQL for a number of years now, starting with Intranet Developments and expanding into Internet websites. In particular I use DreamWeaver extensions , originally developed by Interakt and later by Adobe (ADDT) to provide database driven websites with Content Management.



I also use a part of the site for testing web developments so that if you are in need of any Web Development work I can showcase examples for you. I chose PHP and MySQL as these Open Sources options allow me to work with Windows and Linux servers. I am keen on database driven dynamic websites to enable authorised site users to make their own content changes.



You will find the website works best on a monitor displaying 1024 by 768 pixels and above.

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